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Volunteer Zone

It takes many volunteers to make a race event happen. We appreciate any and all time you can offer and we have great draw prizes for you! Food and drinks will be provided for those signed up during race days! Please review and click the link for more info. 

Working the Start and Finish line puts you in the middle of the action and is very exciting! The work here is also very important - we want to give the racers a positive experience, fair starts and prompt and accurate timing results. All but the computer operator positions are outside jobs and require warm boots, warm clothes, and a thermos. Click the link to read a description of jobs. 

Course crew volunteers pre-ski the course, setting up flagging and placing signs and markers. Just before the race, Forerunners may ski in the course to make it fast for the initial skiers. At the end of the day, course crew volunteers ski the course, looking for stragglers, and collecting or realigning signs and flagging. Crew must be fit enough to ski the course quickly while carrying equipment in a backpack. Volunteers are also required for manual grooming in key areas during races.

Volunteer services will give information and equipment to volunteers upon check in.  And  provide a safe space for volunteers to warm up and eat lunch.


This is another perfect volunteer opportunity for those who wish to race. We need someone with a truck to pick up a 16' utility trailer from Tawatinaw (north of Edmonton) and bring to River Bend.

We are the communications and administration center for the Race. Some of the tasks to be done: organize and hand out bibs to racers, answer general inquiries at race office, provide clerical support to race officials (making copies, filing records etc), manage volunteer equipment and do the volunteer sign in. The job is indoors and there will be quiet times for breaks. There are short, but vital evening shifts to sort the bibs and create race packages for the next day. If you want to sign up for a full day, or the entire race time, please select more than one shift. Thanks for whatever time you can give!

Venue services will manage all signage off and on the venue to control traffic and parking; manage the team wax tent area; set up the awards podium; manage pedestrian traffic on site if required; and check washroom facilities periodically for supplies (no cleaning required). 

Controllers work on the course to track skiers progress; and observe, record and report infractions. We will meet in the clubhouse prior to each race. . Every control point requires a bib caller and bib recorder, each of whom watch for infractions. These are outside jobs that require warm boots, warm clothes and a thermos.

This is physical, outside work. Help set up the stadium: all banners; markings; dividers; start and finish areas; and fencing etc. in the early morning of each race day. Take it down in preparation for grooming at the end of each race day. On Sunday afternoon, help take it all down and load it up for transport. We will also need people controlling pedestrian access points to the inner stadium and being available to make changes to the stadium during the day if required. This is perfect for people who want to race, watch and/or volunteer during the race events.

Awards will be presented at certain intervals during the day by an official, one or more dignitaries and an assistant. The Awards assistant will support the Host in ensuring that the medals and participation awards are in place and in the right order to hand out. You will also assist with the ceremony if required. Outdoor clothing will be required during the presentations but there will be downtime indoors if you choose. We're also looking for an announcer to add to the festivities and announce the starters/finishers.
Photographer: we need a photographer to capture all aspects of the event. 

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