COVID-19 Update - December 18th, 2020

Red Deer Nordic is taking recommendations from our Governing Sport Body, Nordiq Alberta. Below are the current recommendations for our club participation;


Our committee has developed a return to sport plan for Red Deer Nordic Youth Programs.  We are lucky that skiing is the ultimate physical distancing sport.  We are outside and can maintain the 2m distance required by Alberta Health Services (AHS).  As Covid-19 is rapidly changing, our response to this pandemic will evolve as necessary.  We are taking direction from AHS along with our governing bodies at Nordiq Alberta (previously Cross-Country Alberta) and Nordiq Canada.  *All governing bodies have decided that our sport can still continue even with the stricter provincial guidelines.  Our club has decided to delay the start of the Jackrabbit/Youth Learn to Ski on snow sessions until January 13 to align with return to school dates and the conclusion of the current enhanced provincial health measures.  


Our season here in Red Deer will look a little different than in previous years.  Please note the following changes:


Requirements for Participation:

  • All athletes, coaches, and any parents skiing along with their children will have to complete a Covid-19 evaluation form everytime they come to practice or attend an RDN related event.  These will be kept on record for a two week time period for contact tracing purposes.  This form will be available through google forms and on our website for printout.

RDN Over 18 Covid-19 Checklist

RDN Under 18 Covid-19 Checklist

  • Please do not come to practice if you are ill, have been in contact with someone who is ill, if you’ve been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 in the past two weeks, or if you have been out of the country in the past two weeks.  If you are experiencing any symptoms related to Covid-19, you have a legal requirement to self isolate and follow AHS guidelines. AHS Covid-19 Information

  • Masks will be required and should be brought to every practice.

  • Neck gaiters (Buffs) and masks with exhalation valves are not recommended for use as a replacement for a non-medical mask.  Health Canada recommends non-medical masks include at least 3 layers of fabric.  Masks with specifically designed filters that prevent droplet transmission are permitted.

General Guidelines:

  • As per AHS guidelines, it will be up to the participating families to decide how many cohorts they participate in.  It is recommended to limit the number of cohorts you participate in. *This is currently null, and right now the only provincial sports aloud are downhill skiing or cross-country skiing and biathlon

  • All levels will have a maximum of 10 people, including athletes, coaches and parents. 

  • All practices will take place outdoors.  At this time, we cannot offer indoor alternatives on inclement weather days.

  • All ski levels will have a designated drop off point at various points around the parking lot to eliminate large crowds in the staging area.

  • To adhere to AHS guidelines and gathering numbers, we will keep each level in their own area this year and there will be no mixing between levels. 

  • On time prizes and warm-ups will happen with individual coaches.

  • The clubhouse will be open for warming up for emergency purposes.  Face masks will be required when inside the clubhouse and hand sanitizer will be available to use upon entrance to the building.  There are outhouses placed in the parking lot for public use, at this time the washrooms inside the facility are closed.

  • Masks are required in the parking lot by all RDN participants and family helping young children.  This is often a congested area during lessons.  

  • Our hot chocolate social after skiing will be cancelled this year.

  • Our traditional hot dog roast and valentine cookie night will look different this year.  They could be cancelled or altered, and will follow all AHS guidelines. 

  • Skiers will be required to maintain a 2m distance during skiing and ski activities.  Coaches will keep our younger athletes apart by using skis and poles as visuals for the athletes to use.  

  • All athletes are required to come to practice with all equipment on and ready.

  • Time trials have to be done with coaches/parent volunteers using their own watches/phones.

  • Race bibs will not be used for our Wednesday night races at this time, if we are able to host them. 

  • Provincial races are currently cancelled.

  • Any further changes will be communicated to our members in a timely fashion. 

Rapid Response Guidelines:

  • Should an individual develop any symptoms of illness during practice or an event, they will immediately be asked to maintain a 2m distance, hands will be sanitized and a non-medical mask will be worn.

  • Parents/caregivers will be called ASAP and the individual will go home to self-isolate and follow AHS guidelines.

  • Once the individual has left, all surfaces that he/she came in contact with will be sanitized.

  • Practice will continue as normal for the remaining participants.

  • If an individual tests positive for COVID-19, they will be required to let us know so we can help with contact tracing.

  • If a coach tests positive for COVID-19, all individuals who were in that cohort will be asked to self-isolate for 14 days as per Nordiq Alberta guidelines. 


Drop-off/Meet/Pick-up Areas (Coaching Areas):

  • Multiple RDN Youth Programs take place on Wednesday evenings during the ski season

  • Each Team/Level will be assigned a designated Coaching Area (see map below)

  • Masks are always required in the Coaching Area by all participants (athletes, parents, and coaches)

  • Coaching areas for younger athletes are nearer to the main stadium

  • Each team is encouraged to begin practice in a direction that would not cross paths with another team

  • Participants families are encouraged to avoid mingling and to depart the coaching area as soon as practical once practice has completed

  • Carpooling to/from practice is not recommended

  • Participants and coaches are encouraged to be mindful of other users of the nordic trails and to respect physical distancing of non-program users


Our club will use a google form and have each athlete complete prior to EACH training session. For iPhone users, you can turn this form into an app that stays on your home screen for easy access. Here's how:

  • open the google form link on your iPhone 

  • choose to open in safari

  • click the share button

  • scroll down the options and click "Add to Home Screen"